“Training and Growth Vasilkoff” Foundation’s mission is to provide individuals, startups, social enterprises, micro and SME with support, understanding, education, and resources about market research, logistics and their online presence on the world’s largest marketplaces and search engines. We strive to bring innovative thinking, adaptive methodology, and progressive strategy that will allow them to thrive and contribute to economic growth and drive progress.

We live in challenging times. Small businesses, physical stores and restaurants especially have been hit hard by the restrictions due to Covid-19. Those who are flexible enough and think outside the box will survive and perhaps thrive in the future.

“Unprecedented” is the People’s Choice 2020 Word of the Year. Unprecedented challenges, unprecedented times, unprecedented measures, but also the world observes an unprecedented online shopping growth and an unprecedented amount of interest in e-commerce. Shopping online used to be a convenience, but today is quickly becoming a necessity for retailers and even many B2B companies.

Today, around 75% of people now prefer digital options over face-to-face due to safety, speed and convenience. It is not accidental that a lot of people want to know how to start an e-commerce business. Owning an online store can be emotionally fulfilling and financially enriching. But this initiative isn’t going without its trials and pitfalls.

Our efforts are focused on supporting e-commerce entrepreneurs to reach their high goals through jam-packing our platform with information and inspiration, covering all the HOWs, WHYs and WHATs of industry fundamentals such as metrics understanding, pricing, techniques, trends, ideas, business tips and more.

We are here to enable individuals and organizations to venture forward confidently, effectively, and fully knowledge-equipped for the challenges ahead. We know that they need support, understanding, education and accessible resources to develop their progressive strategy, proactive approach and long-term vision, required for building an asset that brings actual value to society and the market.

We aspire to create new jobs through our activity and, in particular, “good jobs” in а high productivity sectors that stimulate healthy economic growth. Job creation is important to an economy’s well being and has become an urgent global priority following the present times. Micro and SME are the employment engines of society. New organisations can be the primary source of job creation. Not only that, but they also contribute to economic dynamism by injecting competition into markets and stimulating innovation.

What We Do

We contribute to economic growth while saving a lot of time and resources for people and organizations who have decided to benefit from our experience. The current platform is a place for competent advice on every aspect of online marketplaces. From setting up a store correctly, product descriptions, listing optimising, complete account management, marketing research to accounting advice related to the VAT situation in Europe and globally. We can provide creative, forward-thinking and innovative approaches and solutions for hundreds of cases in any industry there is. The programs, strategies, methodologies and campaigns we develop strive to be future adaptive and results-driven as well as to ensure competitive advantage. Our core expertise includes:

Community Building

Community building cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset, brings prosperity and a progressive spirit. It is crucial for today’s digital environment. So, we aim to nurture and maintain a community where everyone can rely on each other and get support throughout their growth journey.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services focus on e-commerce most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, analytics, finance, and sustainability across all industries and geographies.

Partnership Opportunities

We build a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and ambitious leaders who want to define the future. These strategic and long-lasting partnerships are critical to socially and positively impact the world together.

Strategy and Optimization

We develop progressive strategies for powerful performance in leading platforms. We research and analyze the market niches – competition, price, description optimization and more.

Warehousing and Packaging

We will advise you where to store and how to pack your products, observing the various online marketplaces’ standards for packing and shipping.

Marketing Knowledge

We provide in-depth marketing knowledge on concepts, structural frameworks, digital marketing tactics, content strategies and more.

“Training and Growth Vasilkoff” Foundation with ID No. 206318061 is a non-profit registered in the European Union, according to the LNPLE. We operate in public benefit in accordance with our mission and values.

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