What do you need to thrive in the new digital world? What do you have to understand and accomplish to position yourself as an industry leader? We’ve collected educational resources for the e-commerce industry – online courses, expert tips, progress strategies, insights and more. We have no relationships with their publishers, but we believe this library is a good way to take a step forward, look at your idea holistically, and make steady progress in the new online reality.

Insights. Ideas. Inspiration. Think with Google is an excellent source of knowledge and tools that will help you, whether you are a growing start-up or an established entrepreneur. These resources and insights will help you to navigate unprecedented and uncertain times.

This course is for everyone who decides to start an online business. It covers fundamental knowledge and introduces terminology, tactics and methods every merchant should be aware of. After the training, you will know the most common strategies, have the knowledge to build a marketing and production plans, and effectively handle feedback and reviews.

Effectively navigating the content marketing ecosystem is extremely important in today’s market. This course features core strategies for acquiring and retaining consumers. It also shows tactics to analyze and measure the content’s effectiveness and write compelling copy, considering the critical relationship between authority and audience.

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