What started as a one-person division has thrived into an organisation that provides individuals, startups, social enterprises, micro and SME with support, understanding, education, and resources, contributing to economic growth. Today, “Training and Growth Vasilkoff” Foundation’s team is full of knowledge-equipped and dedicated people focused on progressive strategies that drive progress.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs

Our team consists of highly focused specialists and forward-thinkers who love what they do. We are here to enable stakeholders to venture forward confidently, effectively, and fully intelligence-equipped for the challenges ahead. We know that they need support, understanding, education and accessible resources to develop their progressive strategy, proactive approach and long-term vision, required for building an asset that brings actual value to society and the market.

Milcho Vasilkoff


Milcho is a widely recognized expert in strategic development, Amazon account management, in-depth market research, and product development and sourcing. He is an open, cheering person with excellent communication skills which helps him to create a thriving work environment and achieve way-above-the-average results in his practice. His entrepreneur type of character encompasses simultaneously innovative and challenging attitudes to situations. Milcho is always ready to provide an out-of-the-box decision to a complex problem and takes responsibility for his own work. He has the ability to find the right communication path to people at different cultures and professional levels, and his desire to help others is contagious. His honesty, communicativeness and open and broad-minded personality brought us together here in this endeavour. Together we are helping people learn to move differently in the rapidly growing digital environment and to increase their competencies and drive economic growth and progress.